Vanity is a bathroom furniture piece designed by the combination of a mirror, sink, and countertop. This piece plays a vital role in bathroom interior, functionality, and cleanliness. As the bathroom is one of the home’s most important and visited places, its furnishing is as important as that of the guest or dining room.

Alibaba vanities are available in various sizes, designs, and styles, from simple to classy. But countless options usually come with an intimidating shopping experience. However, you have to put some effort into picking the most appropriate option from the market.

But worry not! Because this article has everything, you need to know about choosing the best vanity. If you are interested to know, let’s get started!

Bathroom Layout

The first element of consideration when choosing a vanity is the layout of your bathroom and where you should install the vanity. Usually, the new vanity setup is placed on the same point as the old one because it pretty challenging to remodel the plumbing layout. If you’ll start from changing the plumbing setup, it will not only costs you much but also takes a lot of your time.

But plumbing is not the only thing in layout. While choosing the position for your vanity, also consider the location of your door and airways because they should be clean and have enough space to open fully.

The layout is important because to use the vanity comfortably, you need ample open space that is not too close to the shower or toilet. It is also important to open the vanity drawer fully. That’s why it’s so important to plot out your design to keep the vanity and space functional. And to make the layout, the first thing you need is width measurements.


Width is an important point to start your search. Once you’ve determined your maximum width, then it becomes easy to exclude the inappropriate options from the list to save your time and energy.


The next important measurement is the depth of your vanity. When choosing the depth, ensure that the bathroom have free space for you to move freely as too compact interior will cause hassle. 18″ is highly recommended depth used in the bathroom, but it can be small or large according to your bathroom.


To pick the right vanity height, you need to consider different things. Generally, the vanity is installed 32″ -34″ above the floor in guest and master bathrooms. However, this height can vary with your family members age because for a family with kids less floor height is better.

However, if you’re installing a vessel sink, the cabinet will need to be shorter since the vessel sink sits on top of the vanity.

Number of Sinks

The number of vanity sinks is directly relatable to its width. For one sink, a small-sized 60″ width is enough, but if you want more than one, you can calculate the sink width requirements and also the space between them.


Alibaba vanity for sale comes up in different styles, and the most common are floating, wall-mounted, or pedestal. All of these styles are available in countless different designs.

So, when choosing the design and color of your vanity, make sure to match that with your bathroom interior.

Wrap Up!

Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you to find the right vanity. Regardless of the style and design you choose, your vanity should be comfortable and fully functional for you. If you want a straightforward way to shop elegant vanity for your bathroom, don’t forget to visit


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