Truth is, every parent starts out scared for the safety of the kid. However, a kids dirt bike is designed to provide the right amount of safety to your kid. If you have no idea about dirt bikes, this could be overwhelming trying to decide what is best and appropriate for the kid’s age.

Since you’re here, you have made more progress than ever. When buying a dirt bike for your kids, use these factors as a checklist.

Are they old enough to ride dirt bikes?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong in trying to win the best parent award of the year, but a dirt bike has a lot more power than a regular bicycle. Heck! There are bicycles made for kids as little as 2 years old, but you can’t say the same for a dirt bike. If we steal and modify a quote from Uncle Ben to Peter Parker in Spiderman, “with great power comes great responsibility”, then you’ve to be sure your kid is responsible enough to handle and control the horsepower of a dirt bike.

Do dirt bike sizes matter?

Kids are easily influenced and have lots of heroes both on and off the screens. Chances are that your kid’s motivation to ride a dirt bike is trying to be like one of their heroes. Whatever it is, it’s safer to stick with a bike size that’s age appropriate. You want a bike that fits in with your kid.

Think in terms of manageability and control. For kids, smaller bikes are much easier to maneuver and control. You need their hands and feet to feel comfortable on the bike. Don’t worry; as they grow older, you can make necessary upgrades.

What engine size is best?

Kids are dirt bike amateurs, so it’s always best to treat them as beginners. Ideally, you’ll want to start with a small engine size of about 50cc. They don’t need anything fast as they’re more likely to want to throttle down and act like they’re on a racetrack. Help them stay safe and in control by starting with a small engine.

New dirt bikes or a used dirt bike?

This is a matter of the available budget. However, before you rush to go get that new kids dirt bike, you may want to reconsider and be sure this new found love for dirt bikes is going to last. Most kids play around with new ideas but do not always follow through with them. One crash could have them running away from the bike like a plague. So before you go all out spending that money on a new one, try to make sure they’ll be keeping and using it for a long time. There are good used dirt bikes that you can introduce them to that wouldn’t necessarily break the bank.


Riding dirt bikes is a great fun activity to engage in, if you’ve a good love for speed. A good gift to give your kid can be a kid’s dirt bike. However, you have to ensure they’re old enough to ride one and understand the basic safety requirements. With that out of the way, it’s best to start them with a small dirt bike, especially one that fits their age and size. This ensures they’ve maximum control of the dirt bike at all times. Also, go gentle on the engine size. Start with less power and make upgrades as they grow.


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